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Apparel Printing

We apply various printing methods to brand or personalise your garments.

Heat Transfer

Using different types of heat transfer vinyl (also known as videoflex), which are available in various colours and effects, we create words or designs on our vinyl cutter to place on to a variety of materials with a heat press. This method of printing is suitable for all the garments we provide. This method of printing cannot be used for full coloured designs but multiple colours can be used in a single design depending on the level of intricacy.

The range of vinyls we provide includes the following:

– Solid colours, including pastel and neon
– Metallic effect vinyls, including chrome, multi-chrome, foil and holographic effects
– Glitter and Flock
– Reflective and Glow-in-the-dark

Heat Transfer
Direct to Garment

Direct to Garment Printing

This method of printing is perfect for full-colour designs and is suitable for most of the garments we provide. The image is printed directly onto the garment using state-of-the-art inkjet technology. The inks are absorbed by the fibres in the garment creating a vibrant image with good durability.


This method of branding looks most professional and can be used on almost all types of garments. Designs or logos are sewn directly onto the garment by a computerised embroidery machine that uses digitised software. It can include up to 15 different colours for each logo or design. Embroidery works and looks best on heavier garments.


Laser Printing

We have a specialised laser printer which we mostly use to print our stickers and labels. We also have the ability to print in white toner on special transfer paper which can be pressed onto other surfaces. We can print on light to medium weight paper/cardstock and also create custom shapes using our vinyl cutter.

Laser Printing

Vinyl Cutting

Our vinyl cutter is used to produce heat transfer designs, as well as stickers and cardstock. We also use it to cut out decals from different coloured sticker vinyl which can be used for branding, labeling or decorative purposes.


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